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Lawes : Ayres ( La Reveuse )

Lawes, Henry ( 1595 - 1662 )
Categorie:  Componisten
Info:  La Reveuse. Mirare 1cd. Release 22-2-2013. Levertijd 1 á 2 weken.
afbeelding:  http://www.poortmusic.nl/klassiek/afbeeldingen2/11579.gif
prijs:  € 22,99
Trackinfo : Batchelar : Prelude
Lanier : Neither sighs nor tears
No more shall meads be deck’d with flowers
Lawes, H: Have you e' er seen the morning sun?
Slide soft, you silver floods
Bid me but live, and I will live
I rise and grieve
Or you, or I, nature did wrong
Whither are all her false oaths blown?
When thou, poor excommunicate
Sleep soft, you cold clay cinders
Out upon it, I have lov'd
Cloches de Mr Gaultier
Sweet, stay awhile; why do you rise?
O tell me love! O tell me fate!
Wert thou yet fairer than thou art
Lawes, W : Why so pale and wan, fond lover?
Norcome : Tregian's Ground
Simpson, C: Divisions on John Come Kiss Me Now
Withy: Divisions

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