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Handel : Messiah ( Minkowski )

Handel, George Frederic ( 1685 - 1759 )
Categorie:  Kerst
Info:  Lynne Dawson, Magdalena Kozená, Brian Asawa & John Mark Ainsley, Les Musiciens du Louvre o.l.v. Marc Minkowski. DGG Virtuoso 2cd's. Release 1-10-2013. Levertijd 4 á 7 werkdagen.
afbeelding:  http://www.poortmusic.nl/klassiek/afbeeldingen2/12126.gif
prijs:  € 11,99
Trackinfo : Disc: 1
1. Symphony
2. Comfort Ye, My People
3. Ev'ry Valley Shall Be Exalted
4. And the Glory of the Lord
5. Thus Saith the Lord
6. But Who May Abide the Day of His Coming
7. And He Shall Purify the Sons of Levi
8. Behold, a Virgin Shall Conceive
9. O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings to Zion
10. O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings
11. For Behold, Darkness Shall Cover
12. The People That Walked in Darkness
13. For Unto Us a Child Is Born
14. Pifa (Pastoral Symphony)
15. There Were Shepherds... And Lo, the Angel of the Lord...And the Angel Said Unto Them...And Suddenly
16. Glory to God in the Highest
17. Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter of Zion
18. Then Shall the Eyes of the Blind
19. He Shall Feed His Flock
20. His Yoke Is Easy
Disc: 2
1. Behold the Lamb of God
2. He Was Despised
3. Surely He Hath Borne...And With His Stripes...All We Like Sheep
4. All They That See Him
5. He Trusted in God
6. Thy Rebuke Hath Broken His Heart
7. Behold and See
8. He Was Cut Off
9. But Thou Didst Not Leave His Soul in Hell
10. Lift Up Your Heads
11. How Beautiful Are the Feet
12. Why Do the Nations So Furiously Rage Together?
13. Let Us Break Their Bonds Asunder
14. He That Dwelleth in Heaven...Thou Shalt Break Them
15. Hallelujah
16. I Know That My Redeemer Liveth
17. Since By Man Came Death
18. Behold, I Tell You a Mystery
19. The Trumpet Shall Sound
20. Then Shall Be Brought to Pass - O Death Where Is Thy Sting?
21. But Thanks Be to God
22. If God Be for Us
23. Worthy Is the Lamb...Amen

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