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Naive 15th Anniversary Limited Editions: Marie-Nicole Lemieux

Categorie:  Solisten vocaal
Info:  Marie-Nicole Lemieux (contra alt), Orchestre National de France & Il Complesso Barocco o.l.v. Alan Curtis & Fabien Gabel. Naive 2cd's. Release 7-4-2014. 0822186400395.Levertijd 1 á 2 weken.
afbeelding:  http://www.poortmusic.nl/klassiek/afbeeldingen2/12621.gif
prijs:  € 16,99
Trackinfo : Berlioz: Ah! Je vais mourir (from Les Troyens)
Bizet: L'amour est un oiseau rebelle 'Habanera' (from Carmen)
Cherubini: Ah! Nos peines seront communes (from Médée)
Halévy: Sous leur sceptre? Humble fille des champs (from Charles VI)
Handel: Fair virtue shall charm me (from Alexander Balus, HWV 65)
Fury with red sparkling eyes (from Alexander Balus, HWV 65)
Destructive War, thy limits know (from Belshazzar)
Great victor, at your feet I bow (from Belshazzar)
My father! Ah! methinks I see (from Hercules, HWV 60)
Prophetic raptures swell my breast (from Joseph And His Brethren, HWV 59)
Oh peerless maid; Our limpid streams (from Joshua, HWV64)
From this dread scene (Judas Maccabaeus, HWV 63)
Solomon: Welcome as the dawn of day
Can I see my infant gor'd (from Solomon, HWV 67)
Crystal streams in murmurs flowing: Susanna
As With Rosy Steps (from Theodora)
Theodora, HWV 68: Oh! that I on wings could rise
Streams of Pleasure (from Theodora)
To thee, thou glorious son of worth (from Theodora)
Massenet: Ne me refuse pas (from Hérodiade)
Werther! Werther!?Je vous écris de ma petite chambre (from Werther)
Saint-Saëns: Mon c?ur s'ouvre à ta voix (from Samson et Dalila)
Thomas, Ambroise: Connais-tu le pays (from Mignon)
Wormser: Clytemnestre: Qu’Apollon soit loué? Ombre d’Agamemnon

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