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Leevi Madetoja : Complete Lieder volume 1

Madetoja, Leevi
Categorie:  Componisten
Info:  Gabriel Suovanen : bariton, Gustav Djupsjobacka: piano . Ondine 1 cd.
afbeelding:  http://www.poortmusic.nl/klassiek/afbeeldingen/1461.gif
prijs:  € 22,95
Trackinfo : Lähdettyäs-since thou didst Leave opus 2 nr. 1, Alone, Winter morning, The starry sky, Dark-Hued Leaves, Serenade, Folk Songs from Nothern Ostrobothina opus 18, Songs of Youth opus 20b, Take up that fair Kantele Again, A flower is purest when opening, From afar I hear them singing, Wintry road, Birth-Cottage, Sometimes weeping in the evening, I would build a hut, Song at the plough, Hail O daylight in the North, Finland's Tree, My longing, Evening, I want to go home, The word of the master, Land in our song, Song of the winter wind.

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