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Handel : Solomon ( Daniel Reuss )

Handel, George Frederic ( 1685 - 1759 )
Categorie:  Componisten
Info:  Sarah Connolly (mezzo-sopraan), Carolyn Sampson (sopraan), Susan Gritton (sopraan), Mark Padmore (tenor) & David Wilson-Johnson (bariton)
RIAS Kammerchor & Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin o.l.v. Daniel Reuss. Harmonia Mundi France Heritage 2cd's. Heruitgave ! Geen tekstboekje !3149020194959. Levertijd 5 á 7 werkdagen.
afbeelding:  http://www.poortmusic.nl/klassiek/afbeeldingen2/14796.gif
prijs:  € 16,99
Trackinfo : Disc: 1
1. Overtüre
2. Your Harps and Cymbals Sound
3. Praise Ye the Lord for All His Mercies Past
4. With Pious Heart, and Holy Tongue
5. Almighty Pow'r
6. Imperial Solomon
7. Sacred Raptures Cheer My Breast
8. Throughout the Land Jehovah's Praise Record
9. Bless'd Be the Lord
10. What Though I Trace Each Herb and Flow'r
11. And See My Queen, My Wedded Love
12. Bless'd the Day When First My Eyes
13. Thou Fair Inhabitant of Nile
14. Welcome As the Dawn of the Day
15. My Blooming Fair
16. Haste, Haste to the Cedar Grove
17. When Thou Art Absent from My Sight
18. With Thee Th'unshelter'd Moor I'd Tread
19. Search Round the World
20. May No Rash Intruder Disturb Their Soft Hours
21. Form the Censer Curling Rise
22. Prais'd Be the Lord
23. When the Sun O'er Yonder Hills
24. Great Prince, Thy Resolution's Just
25. Thrice Bless'd That Wise Discerning King
26. My Sovereign Liege
27. Words Are Weak to Paint My Fears

Disc: 2
1. What Says the Other to Th'imputed Charge?
2. Thy Sentence, Great King
3. Withhold, Withhold the Executing Hand
4. Can I See My Infant Gor'd
5. Israel, Attend to What Your King Shall Say
6. Thrice Bless'd the King
7. From the East Unto the West
8. From Morn to Eve I Could Enraptur'd Sing
9. See the Tall Palm That Lifts the Head
10. No More Shall Armed Hands Our Hipes Destroy
11. Beneath the Vine, Or Fig-tree's Shade
12. Swell, Swell the Full Chorus to Solomon's Praise
13. Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
14. From Arabia's Spicy Shores
15. Ev'ry Sight These Eyes Behold
16. Sweep, Sweep, the String
17. Music, Spread Thy Voice Around
18. Now a Diff'rent Measure Try
19. Then at Once from Rage Remove
20. Draw the Tear from Hopeless Love
21. Next the Tortur'd Soul Release
22. Thus Rolling Surges Rise
23. Thy Harmony's Divine, Great King
24. Thrice Happy King, to Have Achiev'd
25. Golden Columns, Fair and Bright
26. Gold Now Is Common On Our Happy Shore
27. How Green Our Fertile Pastures Look
28. May Peace in Salem Ever Dwell!
29. Will the Sun Forget to Streak
30. Adieu, Fair Queen, and in Thy Breast
31. Ev'ry Joy That Wisdom Knows
32. Praise the Lord With Harp and Tongue!

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