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Britten : The rape of Lucretia

Britten, Benjamin ( 1913 - 1976 )
Categorie:  Opera
Info:  Jean Rigby, Donald Maxwell, Alan Opie. City of London Sinfonia o.l.v. Hickox. Chandos 2 cd's. 0095115925423
afbeelding:  http://www.poortmusic.nl/klassiek/afbeeldingen/21.gif
prijs:  € 42,95
Trackinfo : Cd 1 : 1. The Rape Of Lucretia Op. 37 (Der Raub Der Lukretia, Oper In 2 Akten)
2. Male Chorus: "here The Thirsty Ev'ening Has Drunk The Wine Of Light ..." (3:05)
3. Collatinus: "who Reaches Heaven First Is The Best Ohilosopher
4. Junius: "good Night, Tarquinius!
5. Male Chorus: "tarquinius Does Not Wait For His Servant To Wake" (Interlude)
6. Junius: "lucretia!" (Second Scene)
7. Lucretia: "listen! I Heard A Knock. Somebody Is At The Gate
8. Female Chorus: "time Turns Upon The Hands Of Women
9. Female Chorus: "none Of The Women Move. It Is Too Late For A Messenger/ Cd 2 :
1. Female Chorus: "the Prosperity Of The Etruscans Was Due To The Richness(Second Act, First Scene)
2. Female Chorus: "she Sleeps As A Rose Upon The Night
3. Tarquinius: "when Tarquinius Desires, Then Tarquinius Will Dare
4. Tarquinius: "within This Frail Crucible Of Light
5. Tarquinius: "lucretia!
6. Female & Male Chorus: "here In This Scene You See Virtue Assailed By Sin(Interlude)
7. Lucia: "o What A Lovely Day ..." (Second Scene)
8. Bianca: "hush! Here She Comes
9. Lucretia: "flowers Bring To Ev'ry Year The Same Perfection
10. Collatinus: "lucretia! Lucretia! O Never Again Must We Two Dare To Part
11. Collatinus: "this Dead Hand Lets Fall All That My Heart Held When Full
12. Female Chorus: "is It All? Is All This Suffering And Pain, Is This In Vain

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