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Britten : The Beggar's Opera

Britten. Benjamin ( 1913 - 1976 )
Categorie:  Opera
Info:  Susan Bickley, Jeremy White, Leah Marian Jones, Tom Randle, Robert Anthony Gardiner, donald Maxwell, Sarah Fox, City of London Sinfonia o.l.v. Christian Curnyn. Chandos 2 cd's. Levertijd 3 a 6 werkdagen.
afbeelding:  http://www.poortmusic.nl/klassiek/afbeeldingen/6280.gif
prijs:  € 47,95
Trackinfo : Cd 1 : 1 Introduction Beggar: If Poverty be a title to Poetry
2 Overture -
Act I
3 1 Peachum: 'Through all the employments of life
4 Filch: 'Sir, black Moll hath sent word with Peachum
5 2 Filch: 'Tis Woman that seduces all Mankind
with Mrs Peachum
6 Peachum: 'But it is now high time to look about me
with Mrs Peachum
7 Mrs Peachum: 'Women indeed are b itter bad judges
3 Mrs Peachum:ry Man handsome who is going to the Camp
Mrs Peachum: 'If any wench Venus' Girdle wear' -
8 Peachum: 'Was Captain Macheath here this morning with Mrs Peachum
9 4 Mrs Peachum: 'If Love the Virgin's Heart invade with Peachum
10 5 Mrs Peachum: 'A Maid is like the Golden ore
11 Mrs Peachum: 'Come hither, Filch
with Filch
12 6 Polly: 'I know as well as any of the fine ladies
Polly: 'Virgins are like the fair flower in itslustre with Peachum
13 7 Mrs Peachum: 'Our Polly is a sad slut
with Omnes, Peachum, Polly
14 8 Polly: 'Can Love be controlled by Advice with Mrs Peachum, Peachum
15 9 Mrs Peachum: 'The girls shows such a readiness
Mrs Peachum: 'O Polly, you might have toyed and kissed
with Polly, Omnes, Peachum
16 10 Polly: 'I, like a Ship in storms, was tossed with Mrs Peachum, Peachum
17 11 Peachum and Mrs Peachum: 'A fox may steal your hens, Sir with Polly
18 12 Polly: 'O ponder well! Be not severe
with Mrs Peachum
19 13 Polly: 'The Turtle thus with plaintive crying, her Lover dying
with Mrs Peachum, Peachum
20 14 Melodrame. Polly: 'Now I'm a wretch indeed
with Omnes, Macheath
21 15 Macheath: 'My heart was so free' -
with Polly
22 16 Macheath: 'Were I laid on Greenland's coast
with Polly, Omnes
23 17 Polly: 'O! what pain it is to part
with Macheath
24 18 Macheath: 'The Miser thus a shillingsees with Polly
25 Ben Budge: 'But pr'thee, Mat, what is become of thy brother Tom
with Mat of the Mint, Jemmy Twitcher, Nimming Ned, Harry Paddington, Wat Dreary
26 19 Gentlemen of the Road: 'Fill ev'ry glassd, for wine inspires us
27 Macheath: 'Gentlemen, well met
with Mat of the Mint
28 20 Macheath: 'I shall wish myself with you Tenor Solo (Harry Paddington): 'Let ustake the road with Gentlemen of the Road
29 21 Macheath: 'If the heart of a man is depressed with cares
30 22 Macheath: 'Dear Mrs Coaxer, you are welcome
Macheath: 'Youth's the season made for joys with Ladies of the Town
31 Macheath: 'Now pray, ladies, take your places with Jenny Diver, Mrs Coaxer
32 23 Jenny Diver: 'It is your own choice
Jenny Diver: 'Before the vbarn-door crowing with Ladies of the Town, Macheath, Dolly Trull, Suky Tawdry
33 24 Jenny Diver: 'But to be sure, Sir
Ladies of the Town: 'The Gamesters and the Lawyers are jugglers alike
with Betty Doxy, Macheath, Peachum
34 Peachum: 'The gentlemen, ladies, lodgegs in Newgate
25 Peachum: 'Constables, wait upon the Captain to his lodgings
Macheath: 'At the Tree I shall suffer with pleasure / Cd 2 : 35 Lockit: 'Noble Captain, you are welcome
with Macheath
36 26 Macheath: 'Man may escape from rope and gun
with Lucy Lockit
37 27 Lucy Lockit: 'Thus when a good Housewife sees a rat
with Macheath
38 28 Lucy Lockit: 'It is the pleasdure of all you fine men
Lucy Lockit: 'How cruel are the traytors
with Macheath
39 29 Macheath: 'The first time at the looking glass
with Lucy Lockit
40 Lockt: 'In this last affair, brother Peachum, we are agreed
with Peachum
41 30 Lockit: 'Such language, brother, anywhere else
Lockit: 'When you censure the age' -
with Lucy Lockit
42 31 Lucy Lockit: 'Is then his fate decreed, Sir
with Lockit
43 Lucy Lockit: 'Though the Chaplain was out of the way to-day
with Macheath, Polly
44 32 Polly: 'Thus when the Swallow seeking prey
with Macheath, Lucy Lockit
45 Macheath: 'If women's tongues can cease for an answer
33 Lucy Lockit: 'I will not!' -
Macheath: 'How happy could I be with either
Polly: 'I'm bubbled, Oh how I am troubled!' -
46 34 Polly: 'Cease your funning
with Omnes, Macheath, Lucy Lockit
47 35 Lucy Lockit: 'Why how now, Madam Flirt!
with Polly, Peachum, Lockit
48 36 Lucy Lockit and Polly: 'Now power on earth can e'er divide
with Macheath, Lockit, Peachum, Omnes
49 Lockit: 'To be sure, wench, you must have been aiding and abetting
with Lucy Lockit
50 Lucy Lockit: 'Dear Sir, mention not my education
37 Lucy Lockit: 'When young at the bar you first taught me to score' -
with Lockit
51 38 Lucy Lockit: 'Ungrateful Macheath
Lucy Lockit: 'My love is all madness and folly' -
with Lockit
52 39 Lockit: 'Thus Gamesters united in friendship are found
53 40 Beggar: 'Our scene doth represent a Gaming House
Macheath: 'The modes of the Court so common are grown
with Ben Budge, Mat of the Mint, Omnes
54 Lockit: 'The Coronation account, brother Peachum
41 Lockit: 'Keep a watchful eye on Polly
Lockit: 'What Gudgeons are we men
with Peachum, Servant, Mrs Trapes
55 42 Mrs Trapes: 'In the days of my youth I could bill like a dove
with Lockit, Peachum
56 43a Mrs Trapes: 'In the days of my yough I could bill like a dove
with Beggar
57 43b Lucy Lockit: 'Jealousy, rage, love and fear
Lucy Lockit: 'I'm like a Skiff on the Ocean tossed' -
58 Lucy Lockit: 'I have the Rat's-bane ready with Filch, Polly
59 44 Polly: 'A curse attends a woman's love with Lucy Lockit
60 Polly: 'When I was forced from him
45 Polly: 'But perhaps he hath a heart not capable of it' -
Polly: 'Among the men Coquets we find
with Lucy Lockit
61 46 Lucy Lockit: 'Come, sweet lass
with Polly
62 47 Polly: 'Now every glimmering of happiness is lost
with Lucy Lockit, Macheath, Peachum
63 48 Macheath: 'Which way shall I turnme, how can I decide
with Polly
64 Polly: 'Dear, dear Sir, sink the material evidence
49 Polly: 'Polly upon her knees begs it of you' -
Polly: 'When my Hero in court appears with Lucy Lockit
65 50 Lucy Lockit: 'How then can you be a tyrant to me
Lucy Lockit: 'When he holds up his hand arraigned for his life with Lockit
66 51 Lockit and Peachum: 'Ourselves, like the Great, to secure a retreat
67 Lockit: 'We are ready, Sir
52 Lockit: '?to conduct you to the Old Bailey!'
Lucy Lockit, Polly, Macheath, Lockit, Peachum and Omnes: 'The Charge is prepared; the Lawyers are met
with Mrs Peachum
68 53 Scena. Macheath: 'O cruel, cruel case!
with Jailer
69 54 Polly: 'Would I might b e hanged
with Lucy Lockit, Macheath
70 Mat of the Mint: 'But surely you don't intend that Macheath shall really be executed
with Beggar, Ben Budge, Lucy Lockit, Polly, Lockit, Peachum
71 55 Macheath: 'Thus I stand like a Turk, with his doxies around
with Mrs Peachum, Peachum, Ladies of the Town, Gentlemen of the Road, Lucy Lockit, Polly, Mrs Trapes, Lockit

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