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Handel : Alexander Balus

Handel, Georg Frederic ( 1685 - 1759 )
Categorie:  Componisten
Info:  Lynne Dawson, Michael George, Catherine Denley, Charles Daniels, Claron McFadden, The Choir of New College Oxford, Choir of the King's Consort, The King's Consort o.l.v. Robert King. Hyperion 2 cd's. Levertijd 3 a 6 werkdagen.
afbeelding:  http://www.poortmusic.nl/klassiek/afbeeldingen/6361.gif
prijs:  € 45,95
Trackinfo : Cd 1 : 1. Ouverture Listen
2. Flush'd With Conquest, Fir'd By Mithra Listen
3. Thus Far, Ye Glorious Partners Of The War Listen
4. Great Author Of This Harmony Listen
5. Flourish Of Trumpets
6. And Thus Let Happy Egypt's King
7. Thrice Happy The Monarch, Whom Nations Contend Listen
8. Congratulation To Our Father's Friend
9. Hark! Hark! He Strikes The Golden Lyre Listen
10. Be It My Chief Ambition There To Rise
11. Fair Virtue Shall Charm Me Listen
12. Ye Happy Nations Round Listen
13. My Jonathan Listen
14. Oh, What Resistless Charms Are Giv'n Listen
15. Subtle Love, With Fancy Viewing Listen
16. Aspasia, I Know Not What To Call Listen
17. How Happy Should We Mortals Prove
18. Check Not The Pleasing Accents Of Thy Tongue
19. So Shall The Sweet Attractive Smile
20. How Blissful State!
21. O What Pleasures, Past Expressing
22. Why Hangs This Heavy Gloom Upon The Brow
23. Heroes May Boast Their Mighty Deeds
24. Ye Sons Of Judah, With High Festival
25. Great God, From Whom All Blessings Spring
26. Kind Hope, Thou Universal Friend
27. Long, Long And Happy Live The King!
28. O Mithra, With Thy Brightest Beams
29. Stay, My Dread Sovereign
30. Mighty Love Now Calls To Arm
31. Hateful Man! Thy Sland'rous Tongue
Cd 2 : 1. O Calumny, On Virtue Waiting
2. Ah! Whence These Dire Forebodings Of The Mind?
3. Tossed From Thought To Thought I Rove
4. Give To The Winds, Fair Princess, These Vain Doubts
5. Love, Glory, Ambition, Whate'er Can Inspire
6. Thus Far My Wishes Thrive
7. Virtue, Thou Ideal Name
8. Ye Happy People, With Loud Accents Speak
9. Triumph Hymen In The Pair
10. Glad Time, At Length, Hath Reach'd The Happy Point
11. Hail Wedded Love, Mysterious Law!
12. Hymen, Fair Urania's Son
13. Sinfonia
14. 'Tis True, Instinctive Nature Seldom Points
15. Here Amid The Shady Woods
16. Ah! Was It Not My Cleopatra's Voice?
17. Pow'rful Guardians Of All Nature
18. Fury, With Red Sparkling Eyes
19. Gods! Can There Be A More Afflicting Sight
20. Strange Reverse Of Human Fate
21. May He Return With Laurel'd Victory
22. To God Who Made The Radiant Sun
23. Sun, Moon, And Stars, And All Ye Host Of Heav'n
24. Yes He Was False, My Daughter, False To You
25. Ungrateful Child, By Ev'ry Sacred Pow'r
26. O Sword, And Thou, All-Daring Hand
27. Ungrateful Tidings To The Royal Ear
28. O Take Me From This Hateful Light
29. Forgive, O Queen, The Messenger Of Ill!
30. Calm Thou My Soul
31. Convey Me To Some Peaceful Shore
32. Mysterious Are Thy Ways, O Providence!
33. Ye Servants Of Th' Eternal King

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