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Handel in the playhouse

Handel, Georg Frederic ( 1685 - 1759 )
Categorie:  Componisten
Info:  L Avventura London o.l.v. Zak Ozmo. Opella Nova Records 1 cd. Levertijd 4 a 7 werkdagen.
afbeelding:  http://www.poortmusic.nl/klassiek/afbeeldingen/6464.gif
prijs:  € 22,95
Trackinfo : March in Rinaldo. Some Confounded Planet Reigning. Smile Smile my Chloe Smile. The Little Wanton God. Sonata for recorder and continuo in C Major op.1 No.7 HWV365 : Allegro. In Vain In Vain I Rove. How cruel are the Traitors. Water Music Suite No.3 HWV350 : Gigue. Was Ever a Man Possest. Beauty's but a fading Flower. Why you little blind Contriver. Rinaldo : Overture. Away with Suspicion. Brave Boys Prepare. Sonata for Oboe and Continuo op.1 No.5 HWV363a : Bouree. Hence with tedious dull repining. Abroad after Misses. Variations for the Harpsichord. Women in vain Love's powerful Torren. Do not ask me if I love you. Grant Mars Grant us thy Fires. Water Music Suite No.3 HWV350 : Rigadon.

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